Freshen up your ride with the new range of LYNX car fresheners

It’s now easier than ever to freshen up your ride thanks to an attractive new range of premium car fresheners from LYNX, which promise to keep your ride
fresh and cool for up to 30 days.

LYNX helps guys to feel fresh, confident and attractive thanks to its full range of amazing-smelling male grooming products. Now, a selection of the most
popular LYNX fragrances are available in a range of five different car fresheners, bringing the LYNX scents to your vehicle for the first time.

Available in five of LYNX’s iconic fragrances, each LYNX car freshener promises to slowly infuse your choice of LYNX aroma, keeping your ride fresher for
longer. Fragrances in the range include*:

  • LYNX Gold
  • LYNX Ice Chill
  • LYNX Black
  • LYNX Dark Temptation
  • LYNX Africa

The collection features five different formats of car freshener including:

  • Scented disc car freshener (RRP £2.99)
    Ideal for hanging from your rear-view-mirror, the scented disc car freshener releases the
    LYNX scents gradually to keep your wheels fresh every day.
  • Vent car fresheners (RRP £3.99)
    Slick, discreet and made from a high-quality ceramic material, these stylish car fresheners clip
    easily onto your car’s vents, evenly diffusing your choice of sophisticated LYNX scent.
  • Mini vent car fresheners (RRP £3.49)
    Simply clip the sleek, circular mini vent car freshener onto your car’s vents to help control
    the freshness of your ride wherever you are.
  • Gel can car fresheners (RRP £3.99)

    Drop the handy-sized gel can car freshener into your cup holder, door pocket or other hiding place for long-lasting release of your favourite LYNX
  • Refillable vent car fresheners (RRP £7.99)
    The understated design of the refillable vent car freshener is great value for money
    as you can refill it with your favourite LYNX fragrance any time! With refill sticks available in five different scents, you can maintain a 100%
    fresh, authentic LYNX fragrance in your vehicle day in and day out.

Prices for the car fresheners start at £2.99 and are available exclusively at Halfords stores nationwide.

More information on the car freshener range can be found at