CAE managed brands dominate air freshener category

A recent Auto Express air freshener product group test has revealed that CAE managed brands Jelly Belly and Refresh have hit the top three spots of the testing panel from the automotive magazine. 

Developed by CAE, the new exciting Jelly Belly Car Vent format, in Blueberry, came in a very close second. With its citrus notes and sweet scents it received a recommended award proving that Jelly Belly is once again maintaining its overall top spots in the popular product test category.

Yet another success for Jelly Belly was the Tangerine Spray air freshener receiving a recommended award for carefully balanced fruit flavours topping the bill ahead of its spray rivals.

We are also delighted to announce that Refresh, managed and distributed by CAE in the UK, was awarded first place with ‘best buy award for 2014’ for the 2.50z Gel Can in Fresh Linen.