Freshen up your ride!

AXE helps guys to feel fresh, confident and attractive thanks to its full range of amazing-smelling male grooming products.

Guaranteeing to keep them 100% fresh, there’s a AXE product and fragrance to suit every man, whatever the occasion.

Now, the best AXE fragrances have been transformed into an enticing range of scented car fresheners to keep your ride clean and cool!

Developed in different formats including scented discs, vents, mini vents, gel cans, along with the standout refillable vents, there’s a AXE car freshener that’ll boost your confidence no matter what state your car is in!

All are available in six of the most iconic AXE fragrances. Securely sealed for 100% protected freshness, each AXE car freshener is perfectly infused to ensure slower, long-lasting scent release, so you and your ride stay fresher for longer!

Our sealed car fresheners offer a 100% invigorating scent every time, guaranteeing your favourite fragrance lasts longer.

You’re welcome!

Product Formats

Axe Hanging Gel
Axe Vent
Axe Mini Vent

3d Gel Hanging


Mini vent

Axe Gel can
Axe Refillable vent
Axe refill sticks

Gel Can

Refillable vent

Refill Sticks 


Leather and Cookies
Lynx Ice Chill
Lynx Africa

Leather & Cookies

Ice Chill


Lynx Black
Lynx Dark Temptation


Dark Temptation



Marketing Assets

2020 Brochure

2020 Brochure