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Michelin Tyre Sealant

Michelin Tyre Sealant | 12190

EAN: 5010555121902
Michelin Tyre SealantMichelin Tyre Sealant
Michelin Tyre SealantMichelin Tyre Sealant


  • Motorists never know when a puncture occurred; this product is still effective even if you do not detect for some time that you have a puncture.
  • The longer you drive on a tyre that’s been punctured the greater the damage to the tyre but this product effectively repairs larger puncture holes.
  • With MICHELIN tyre sealant you have twice as long v. leading competitor products to discover you have a problem and still achieve:

    1) a temporary repair / seal of the puncture

    2) re-inflating the tyre to a safe driving pressure (0.8bar)


  • Easy to use: this is a one-step solution; no tools are required, nor a separate compressor to put the product into the tyre and there is no need to remove the wheel.
  • Gloves and a protective mat are included to avoid damaging clothing whilst using the product.