Michelin Inflation

Tyres are your only contact point with the road and Michelin Inflation products are the best if you want to look after them.

To help you decide what you need, you will find a number of inflators, from the traditional foot pump to the 12v high-powered tyre inflator which comes complete with detachable pressure gauge, to look after your tyres.
Michelin Double Barrel Footpump

Michelin Double Barrel Footpump | 12202

EAN: 5010555122022

Need help with this Michelin product? Download the  12202 User guide (651 KB)

For all other issues please call the Michelin helpline: UK: +44 0800 731 4973


  • Tough steel frame with extra wide stance and rubber feet for stability in use
  • Twin barrels for extra output per stroke for rapid tyre inflation
  • Ergonomic treadplate with 'tyre tread' rubber covering for grip
  • 60cm hose, with tyre valve connector
  • Superior performance to 100psi
  • Accurate analogue gauge shows PSI and BAR.
  • Adaptors for inflating cycle tyres, airbeds, sport balls etc


  • Correct tyre pressures minimise tyre wear, aid fuel consumption, and benefit roadholding and handling.
  • Easy, accurate top-up of car tyres, cycle tyres, etc
  • Specially designed ergonomic treadplate profile minimises effort
  • Auto Express Product Awards winner 2009